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About Us

Matthew & Sydney Esposito

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Hello kind souls, my name is Sydney Esposito, I am a traditional and digital artist based in Austin, Texas. I am known for my surreal paintings that focus on the human form and nature. My work explores the relationship between the physical world and the inner workings of the human mind, often blurring the lines between reality and imagination. Through my art, I aims to spark introspection and encourage viewers to think about their own place in the world.


As creators and entrepreneurs, my brother Matthew and I have been blessed with the opportunity to share our art and vision with the world through EspoVisuals. We are excited to be at the forefront of the Web 3 space, using NFTs and crypto profit sharing to bring our clothing line and community to life.


We are also passionate about educating others about the potential of crypto through our extensive YouTube playlist. From college dropouts to successful business owners, we have come a long way and are grateful for the incredible companies we have had the privilege of working with. Join us on our journey as we continue to push the boundaries of creativity and technology.

Quick glance at our current goals. (3 Years)​

  • Build and Operate a Multi-functional Creative Studio Warehouse                                               (clothing store / art / photo studio / video production / coffeeshop hangout)

  • 500k Subs Youtube

  • Live Art Classes (in-person & online)

  • Clothing Line Kicking Ass

                   (profit share is making an impact for our holders and community)

Rough History


Growing Up in

North California


Junior College 

March 2020

Our World Changes

We grew up in a small town, Loomis in northern California. In our early days Matthew focused on sports and Sydney, on various artistic mediums.

After graduating high school, we attended junior college with plans on transferring to University. Sydney was studying in Santa Barbara and Matthew, in San Luis Obispo, Ca. During these transformative years, we served at restaurants while going to school.

COVID19 hits hard and we lose our restaurant jobs during decision time for choosing a University. 

The new reality shifted our perspectives on education, life, and our definition of success. Since everything in the future was uncertain, as opposed to signing up for debt and questionably pointless degrees, we took the leap of starting a YouTube channel and diving into the knowledge world of entrepreneurship.

This led us to follow our curiosity towards film making and our childhood dream of having a YouTube channel, we just never thought it would be together.

The Dream Begins

Building Our Business

October 2020

Traveling to the Dominican Republic

December 2020

Creating EspoVisuals

January 2021

Filming Our Asses Off

August  2021

Working with Austen Paul, Growing as 


November 2021

The Wild NFT Journey Begins

January 2022

Full On web3

March 2022

First Partnership


Education & Clothing Line

With goals of creating travel and mindset videos on YouTube, we traveled to the Dominican Republic chasing new experiences, cultures, and opportunities.

In Cabarete, a small, expat filled town on the north shore, we were exposed to alternative lifestyles where many Americans worked remotely and travel the world. 

We became inspired to build a business where we could travel and continue to create videos, so we began taking a filming mastermind. This online film course taught us how to be a successful videographer in various industries.

We decided to take the leap, bet on ourselves, not return to college and instead start a video production business.


We spent all of our college tuition savings on gear and building a studio, moved back to our home town and began filming, learning, and building a commercial portfolio.

Worked with many companies creating videos and commercials for breweries, cannabis, coffee, hot sauce, some crazy brownies and more. We somehow managed to film a study abroad program out in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!

Through persistent dms and offers to help on set, we were invited to work with our videographer idol - Austen Paul. 

After assisting on a shoot in his studio in the Bay Area, Austen gave us the opportunity to travel with him and his wife on a commercial shoot for a camera accessory company.


After a week-long road trip up the Pacific North Coast, we felt high on new knowledge, experience, and confidence in our direction as videographers.

After diving into the world of crypto and de-fi, through learning and investing, Sydney learns to create digital art to sell as NFTs, and began documenting her journey on social media.

Transition from focusing on product commercial work to creating web3 and art content. 

Sydney’s first 75 NFTs are sold out and the EspoVisuals community is growing.

After a year and a half of living back at home and building the business, it is time to move from California to Austin, Texas.

We are building an extensive crypto educational playlist on our YouTube channel and start to work with our first web3 client.

Partner with SolSea (NFT marketplace Sydney sells NFTs on)  to create their tutorial videos and start the EspoVisuals podcast, where we interview creatives from different industries to learn their story.

After working with SolSea for a couple months, we have parted ways which enables us to focus on our own content fully.


In these months we have had incredible experiences connecting with other creatives and builders in the web3 space at a variety of in person events like VeeCon, NFT NYC, and various hackathons in Austin.

We are diligently working on our crypto education series on YouTube and creating art daily. After sending limited edition shirts to our NFT holders, the EspoViuals merch store went LIVE.

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