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Common Questions

Below you will find our most asked questions.

If you have a question that is not answered here, reach out in Discord for my quickest response. 


What is an NFT?

A type of digital token that is verifiably unique and can therefore be used to assert rights to ownership of digital collectibles like art or in-game items.


Watch our full explanation video HERE

What utility does your EspoVisuals NFT have?

Our NFT utility is ever evolving as we progress and build in the space. These tokens are art on their own, but more importantly they are access keys into our community and creative endeavors. We have just launched the clothing brand where our NFTs act similarly to a stock in the company that pays out profits. 

25% of those merch profits will be split among NFT holders. 25% will go to charity. Click here to learn more. 

As EspoVisuals grows we plan to provide access to our creative workshops, studio, and experiences we create. Click here to see our goals.

Why are your NFTs different prices?

When we release new NFTs, we sell them at a fixed price. Because there is a limited supply, they have sold out and are now being re-sold on the secondary market. This means supply and demand is in full effect, people list their NFT for whatever price they are willing to give it up for.

How do I buy one of your NFTs?

Currently, the best place to view our first collection and purchase an NFT would be on SolSea, a marketplace for Solana NFTs. Although, they can be re-sold elsewhere on various marketplaces.  

Here is a Video For how to buy NFT     Click Here to view my NFTs on SolSea

How often do you pay out profits?

Currently, nothing is set and stone. We are predicting a slower start, leaning towards once a month. Things can change as demand increases and EspoVisuals grows. Please click here to view our NFT disclaimer page. Reach out in Discord if you have suggestions and questions.

When is the next NFT drop?

Soon...  (;

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